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Mauritius is an island country that is stationed in the Indian Ocean. It is widely popular for its stunning beaches, lagoons, and reefs. Moreover, it has numerous things to explore, such as Black River Gorges National Park, Chamarel Colored Earth, etc. Mauritius can be an ideal location if you plan to buy a real estate property overseas. Not only because it has a lot to offer but also because of the rising real estate market. In recent years, French and South The day starts early for Mauritians and tourists who desire to watch or swim with the dolphins in Mauritius. It's typically 5:30 when Laurent & his girlfriend Sandy gather at the pickup point. It's the west of Mauritius, but the scenery is perfect, with the lust of sun rising from the east, making the horizon look pink. If you fear sunburn, have sunscreen put on your face and exposed body parts. The seawater looked like a lake for this couple,

Going on a Mauritius deep sea fishing trip is an adventurous way for tourists to experience the coastline of the island. It also provides a unique activity that may not otherwise be available to visitors in their own country. Board a cabin cruiser and enter fishing paradise with one of the many big game fishing adventures in Mauritius. What Makes Big Game Fishing in Mauritius So Special? Like all around the world, Mauritius is no exception- the big game fishing tour start

Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority by the Numbers Coming Attractions A week of promotions has been launched by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. They've also began implementing travel industry workshops and gala events to take place in, Dammam, Riyadh and Jeddah to increase tourism in Mauritius's many options of attractions; which they hope will remind the Saudis why of the beauty and attractions which can be be visited year round. In a speech given for the Mauritius Minister of Tourism, Anil Kumarsingh Gayan stated:

Chick and wild best describe Ile Aux Cerfs. The privately owned island on the east coast of Mauritius features undulating terrain,natural vegetation, and protrusions of volcanic rocks. Little lakes, superbly while sandy beaches and gullies make the deer island a favorite of many. The over four kilometers of sandy bliss makes hiking down the beach an idyllic ocean vista that you find nowhere else in Mauritius. Make your trip even memorable by accessing the site using speed boat or Catamaran.

Le Morne Brabant is one of the most surreal places on earth. Located on the southwestern end of the heavenly Mauritius Island, the area forms the ultimate geographical setting to go hiking situated a few minutes from the pristine beaches. So, what makes the place a favorite travel destination? From a picturesque lagoon that surrounds a better part of the mountain to tale-tell stories about its previous inhabitants, the majestic mountain perfectly blends history and adventure Le Morne Brabant History Le Morne Brabant

A visit to the beautiful island of Mauritius would not be complete without checking off at least one adrenaline-fueled adventure from your to-do list. There is no shortage of experience to get into in Mauritius, but one excursion we recommend is exploring the island via a quad bike. What Is a Quad Bike? Quad bikes are essentially motorcycles that have four large tires instead of two. They are sometimes also known as all-terrain vehicles, four-Wheeler or just quads. What Does a Quad Bike

Chamarel, a small village located in Savanne in Mauritius, provides an overwhelming experience to visitors. It gives you a chance to visit the many attractive spots in its neighborhood that includes picturesque waterfalls, vast sugarcane plantations, and tantalizing colored piles of earth. Chamarel waterfall measures a whopping 100 m high. Find time to visit a massive distillery, towards the South, for an unforgettable tourism experience as you marvel at how grand design merges harmoniously with the outstanding surrounding. 1. Chamarel 7-Colored Earth The

Kite surfing, a wind-driven water sport that utilizes a board and kite to propel you on top of the water is one of the most exciting water sports in Mauritius. The island has many kite surfing schools due to its popularity for this activity. While Le Morne kite surfing is best for both beginners and expert surfers, Anse la Raie in the north and Palmar in the East are also very popular. To experience the excitement of kite surfing to the