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La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

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La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park

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cascade at the valley of colors in Chamouny in Mauritius Island

The south of Mauritius is beautified by the 450 acres of the natural reserve La Vallée Des Couleurs. The place is a heaven on earth where you can isolate yourself from the qualms of the world and inhale fresh air amidst the most eccentric views of nature. It is situated in Mare Anguilles, Chamouny and opens everyday from 9 am till 5:30 pm.

A range of fun-filled activities is integrated into this wildlife wonder to offer a lifetime experience to its visitors. Exploring the lovely animal farm and enjoying scrumptious cuisines around deer grazing on one side and a waterfall on the other is better to experience than to imagine. Trekking, luge karting, Nepalese bridge ride, quad bike tours, ziplining, and a view of a 23-coloured part of land makes it a must-visit place for everyone visiting Mauritius.

The nature park of La Vallée Des Couleurs was established on 4th July 1998 and has been well-maintained by the authorities since then. The park that offered trails and wildlife tours at inception developed over time to transform into an entertainment centre in the heart of Mauritius.

The epicentre of the La Vallée Des Couleurs is the 23-coloured piece of land that originated millions of years ago due to volcanic eruptions. The park is swarming with lush green vegetation, colourful plants, and dense woodland, home to countless species of fauna and flora.

La Vallée Des Couleurs is home to many recreational activities and one of the finest vistas of the natural world. The park features a panoramic view of the sea and is surrounded by lovely greenery.

Let’s catch a glimpse of the activities and attractions offered in La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park:

Vallee des Couleurs Activities

La Vallée Des Couleurs has one of the friendliest and most professional staff that will guide you through every step. They will help you choose the package that suits best the number of persons and your budget while covering the most enjoyable activities. The valet team will take over as you drive into the main gate, where the staff will escort you to the information desk.

Vallee des Couleurs is a nature’s treasure to preserve the precious species of plants and animals in a massive area of around two square kilometres. The place is remodelled to incorporate adrenaline-rushing activities for a lifetime experience for youngsters. Adults and older adults find peace in the fresh air, the panorama of the sea, and the chirping of birds and wildlife at its fullest.

The place is designed so that all major attractions are within a 15-minute walk. You can throw a few bucks to ride buggy or quad bikes to navigate the park quickly. And if you wish to go elite, then a Range Rover is your ride.

The selling point of La Vallée Des Couleurs is the 23-coloured earth formed by deposits of lava. The beautiful ridges are visible from the track of quad bikes, which makes the ride worth the money.

La Vallée Des Couleurs is a delight to every human sense: seeing the iconic 23-coloured land will leave you wondering why it is not the 8th wonder of the world in official books. The park is home to natural gifts like ponds, rivers, forests, waterfalls, indigenous plants, birds, and animals. Hearing the birds’ melodious chirping over the waterfall’s gushing sets up a perfect wildlife harmony. Smelling the dark notes of wet tree trunks and damp moss is strangely refreshing. Tasting the delicious foods in the two restaurants serving Indian cuisines is a treat to taste buds. And lastly, interacting with nature from a zipline is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to sum up, the day.


The best way to explore La Vallee Des Couleurs is on foot. An escape into the heart of nature is accessible on the two-hour trekking route, which also comes with several thrilling and daring activities. The trek bisects through the most alluring park spots, where you will find nature amusing at every step.

The trip excitement peaks when you walk into the breath-taking view of the waterfall, with the ocean meeting the park on the other side. Make sure you leave your valuable belongings in the locker facility and be careful around slippery rocks around the waterfall.

The best way to ditch the trekking exhaustion is to dip in the refreshing pristine water of the waterfall.

Mountain Luge Kart

A Mountain luge cart is a perfect activity for thrill-seekers. The 700m track is all yours with a lightning-fast speed to race it. The experience is fast but fun for older gentry since kids are not allowed to ride. Gravity simulates an experience exhilarating enough for extreme explorers. Riders can control the speed of the luge cart to decide whether they want a slow, long drive or a thrilling fast ride.

Nepalese Bridge

Nepalese Bridge is a 350m long footbridge that will give you chills as you cross it. Conquer the fear of heights by taking on the most courageous walk of your life. Although the Bridge is constructed and maintained according to strict safety regulations, visitors will still feel like they are walking between two skyscrapers on a wire. Nepalese Bridge hangs about 100m from the ground, presenting a complete panorama of the La Vallée Des Couleurs Nature Park.

The region’s longest suspension bridge offers a magnificent view of macaques and deer strolling through their natural setting. The Bridge is made of solid ropes and wooden planks with a scenic view of green mountains, 23-coloured earth, Chamouze waterfall, and its beautiful pools.


Things get spiced up on the other side of the Nepalese Bridge with the exhilarating zipline activity. There are seven ziplines in La Vallée Des Couleurs facility, with the longest one stretching over 1.5 km, bisecting the park from one corner to another.

You can navigate different points of the park through seven different zip lines with different starting and ending points. The memorable pictures are clicked as you glide over the religious views of the waterfall and tropical paradise.

La Vallée des Couleurs Zipline enables a bird-eye view of the entire park with a feeling of flying over it. All seven zip lines are worth trying. However, if you are on a budget, don’t skip the 1.5 km zipline and the waterfall zipline.

The protocols for zip lining are maintained at high standards, and relevant gears are provided to ensure a seamless experience. Hopefully, while you soar along the zip lines, you’ll also spot deer, stags, tortoises, rabbits, peacocks, and other animals in their natural environment while taking a stroll down in the forestry.

Quad Biking and Buggy

Head towards the tropical forest during the guided quad bike experience and interact live with the marvels of nature. The quad tour stops to say hello to the wildlife, including deer, stags, tortoises, rabbits and birds. The sloshing of water into the pool produces a tranquil ambience filling in peace in the mind and soul.

The next stop is the 23-coloured land which is rich in minerals and has roots in the significant volcanic eruption. The viewpoint is the prodigy that gathers vast crowds on the way of a quad biking trip.

The buggy facility in La Vallée des Couleurs is an excellent alternative for families and kids since it blends luxury and safety. The buggy drives on the same route as quad bikes exploring the enormous, untamed regions of splendour.

The fleet of over 20 buggies and quad bikes is always ready to hit the woodland to discover the land of 450 acres without aching legs.

Animal Farm

La Vallée des Couleurs is home to a range of domestic animals to give a friendly touch to the children’s playground. Also, the farm is surrounded by restaurants so that people enjoy the view of tame creatures while having food.

Tortoises, chickens, and deer graze freely on the farm’s grounds; someday, a deer may even stop into the eatery to say thanks for coming to the La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park. “Meet the tortoise” is a delightful experience for kids to interact with one of the most mystic creatures on the planet.

La Vallée des couleurs Restaurant

If you’re ever hungry, several eateries dotted around the waterfalls will enchant you with their delectable cuisine. The Indian restaurant at La Vallée des couleurs provides subcontinent and French cuisines under one roof. The Savanne Range mountain is visible from the top of the hill where La Citronelle Restaurant is located.


The menu of the Indian restaurant La Citronelle serves French cuisines, including entrees, plat principal, child menu, dessert, and soft drinks. Their sizzling Cerf and crunchy chicken is famous for their delicious appeal. The same restaurant serves Indian-style Thalis for veg and non-veg eaters.


La Vallée des Couleurs is eminent for being home to the multicoloured piece of earth in the middle of nature-rich surroundings. The park covers all sorts of activities, from adrenaline-rushing Nepalese Bridge to finding peace at the top of the hill with a scenic backdrop. The trip to La Vallée des Couleurs is a bit pricey, but it is worth spending an entire day experiencing the most exhilarating activities.

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