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Casela World of Adventures

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Casela World of Adventures

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Young couple feeding giraffe at Casela World of Adventures Mauritius

Are you on the hunt for premium vacation excursions to embark on during your visit to the island of Mauritius? There’s certainly no shortage of things to do on your vacation, but a trip to Casela World of Adventures should be high on your visit list.

The Casela is one of the leading attractions in Mauritius and with its tamed animals, scenic views and adrenaline-pumping excursions, everyone in your party will have a blast. This park is expansive, spanning over 250 hectares of lush forests, gorges, and safaris for you to explore.

It is naturally divided into three kingdoms and a Discovery Center. Before you go out exploring, it’s essential that you understand all about the kingdoms for the best experience.

Kingdoms in Casela World of Adventures

The kingdoms in Casela World of Adventures include:

The Nature Kingdom

The Bird Park and the Canopy Park make up the nature kingdom. The Casela Bird Park is full of exotic bird life that you can go out and watch for yourself. In this island, there are numerous exotic bird species, and almost all of them are in this kingdom. The canopy park, on the other hand, is where they do animal shows. The adventures that make this kingdom unique from other kingdoms are:

The Casela Bird Park

A parakeet perched at Casela Bird Park

The nature kingdom also hosts the bird park. There is a total of 116 bird species in Mauritius, and almost all of them are in this bird park. Bird watching is a fun activity that you can engage in here. Some of the species in this park are accidental or rare; thus, they can hardly be found anywhere else on the island. As you go out for bird watching, you should expect to see birds like the albatross, tropic birds, austral storm petrels, boobies, shear waters, plovers, skuas, old world parrots, and many others.

Casela Nature Park

Little baby on big turtle at Casela nature park in Mauritius

In the aptly named nature kingdom here at Casela World of Adventures, there is the nature park. Taking a walk here is one of the most coveted activities by visitors. During this nature walk, you will get a chance to see some rare plant life. Some trees here are more than a century old and have become ecosystems in their own right. You will also get to see the big cats here like lions, tigers, and caracals in their enclosures.

You can also get a chance to walk with the lions under the supervision of a guide if you request so. This activity allows visitors to walk alongside lions, petting them, and experiencing the sheer size of the king of the jungle. Take up-close and personal photos of (and with) some of your favorite big cats. You may also opt for a Big Cats Drive Thru tour. The option to interact with rhinos is also available.

Riding the Tulawaka Coaster

One of the most fun activities that you can do here is riding the Tulawaka Coaster. This world-famous roller coaster is 800 meters long and is operational since 22 March 2018. If you have ever been on a roller coaster before, then you can be sure that this is going to be a supremely better experience. The experience of this coaster is so thrilling in that you have to be at the park at least 45 minutes earlier if you hope to find any ride. Once you arrive early, the booking part is smooth as the customer assistants available are very helpful. This adrenaline-filled ride goes through beautiful trees and clearing where you will be able to watch birds and animals.

Despite the massive growth that the park has undergone in recent years, it still is as devoted to conservation and protection of endangered animals as ever.

The Safari Kingdom

Girl sitting in a safari tour at Casela Mauritius

The Safari kingdom at Casela is a thrilling and is best suited for a safari. Among the fun activities that you can do here are:

1.Quad bike riding

When in this kingdom, quad bike riding is a must do. Take a trip around the park in your quad bike as you get to interact with nature. Get to see the big cats in their enclosed environment and get to interact with other animals like deer, zebra, antelopes, and ostriches freely. The quad bike tour

in this kingdom is just as exciting as the Tulawaka Coaster. Can you imagine taking a quad bike ride among wildlife?

2.Giraffe feeding

Nine giraffes call Casela home, and if you’ve always wanted to see these creatures up close, a giraffe feeding tour  is right up your alley. Just the name makes it exciting, but you can get a chance to feed the giraffe while in this kingdom. Thus, you will get an opportunity to have a ‘face to face’ with these magnificent animals that would otherwise be walking tall. You can also have a close look at their elegant hide pattern, which is unique as a fingerprint for each animal. Isn’t that amazing?

3. Segway safari trip

Segway safari trip, you can combine the thrill of the two adventures, namely quad biking and zebra feeding. The segway tours allows you to see the different animals like ostriches, antelopes, boars, monkeys, mongoose, and zebras. With segway, it’s much easier to get a personal experience with the wildlife as compared to a quad bike.

The Mountain Kingdom

Want to feel like you are in a Jurassic Park movie set? The mountain kingdom is where you should be visiting in this fabulous park. Here are some of the adventures that you can engage in:

1. Zip lines and the Nepalese bridge

Adventure in the nature kingdom is unending. Do you have a fear of heights? Why not go for zip lining and the Nepalese bridge while in the mountain kingdom. These adventures are the best way to try and get over these fears. Crossing the Nepalese bridge will give you not only an adrenaline rush but also an appreciation of nature thanks to its picturesque views.

2. Via Ferrata Circuit

The Via Ferrata Circuit is for adventurous visitors who would like to climb a mountain with stunning panoramic views of the west coast of the island. You’ll traverse over a suspension bridge and swim in fresh water alongside a waterfall. You will also slide on water ziplines!


Of all the kingdoms here, the mountains provide a unique opportunity for canyoning. Taking a trip to the Riviere Papayes will give you and your friends an adventure to remember. The trail here is full of crystal-clear ponds and breathtaking waterfalls. There are also several natural pools along the way that you can take a swim.

The Discovery Center

This part of Casela Nature Park provides a unique experience for those looking to understand Mauritius, its people, and culture better. There is also a 4D cinema experience that will give you an in-depth look at the natural sciences of the region. This 4D natural sciences experience was created to provide visitors with a unique perspective to the formation of this graceful bird park through the years.

History of Casela World of Adventures

Casela is an exceptional nature park that is among the crown jewels of Mauritius. This park started its operation in 1979 as a conservancy for the indigenous trees that had been planted here and also as a bird sanctuary. After its launch, it quickly became one of the most visited parks not only in Mauritius but also the Indian Ocean. Each year, hundreds of thousands of tourists, both local and international, visit this park. In 2015,

Casela Nature Park was renovated and upgraded to be more exciting, therefore attracting more visitors. Today, this bird park is known for its stunning animals, lush surroundings, and wealth of activities and is now more popular than ever thanks to the renovations and upgrades.

The Casela restaurant

After having completed the adventures, you can go back to the Discovery Center for a meal at the house style restaurant. If you don’t want to have your meal inside the restaurant, you also have the option of sitting outside and get to interact with birds such as peacocks. The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines with dishes from Europe, Asia, and Africa. You can also get to enjoy local dishes at this restaurant. The restaurant also caters for wedding, engagement, birthday, and anniversary parties.

Children Activities at Casela World of Adventures

Children amusement park at Casela Mauritius

There are numerous children activities in this nature park’s Discovery Center.

Zookeeper for a Day package

Children in your party between 8 and 14 years old can become an honorary zookeeper with the Zookeeper for a Day package. They’ll spend half a day in different areas of the park feeding and observing all different types of animals from birds to giraffes.

The center will educate them about the protection of biodiversity of the animals. Children under 12 may enjoy supervised pony and camel rides. Surely all ages will enjoy the brightly colored macaws and parrots in the aviary. If you have a fisherman-in-the-making in your family, they might like to try tilapia fishing. There is also a children’s mini-club with lots of games to play, including swings and slides. There is also a kid’s playground, which will be a thrill for your children and which is bound to make their time at the Casela awesome.

Are you looking for an outstanding holiday or honeymoon destination? Casela World of Adventures is a unique place to spend some time on your vacation or holidays. It’s almost as if you can find the whole world here.


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