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Seaplane Mauritius

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Seaplane Mauritius

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Beautiful model posing in a seaplane in Mauritius

Experience the stunning and breath taking views of Mauritius from a seaplane and enjoy the magical feeling. There is no better way to connect with the scenes, lagoons and sandy shorelines than from an sea plane. You are guaranteed an unforgettable and thrilling aerial experience. There is no doubt that once you take off, you will not wish for the moment to come to an end.

One of the reasons why seaplane in Mauritius stands out and beats other kinds of transportation is the time-saving factor. Ideally, it will take you up to 3 or 4 hours to travel by shuttle bus, cars or private bus to tour around the fantastic coastal regions. With a seaplane, on the other hand, it will only take you around 40 minutes and tons of incredible views from high altitude. Traveling around the different cities by seaplane is the best ways to view all the highlighted scenes at a go.

Underwater Waterfall as viewed from a Seaplane

underwater waterfall mauritius tour using a seaplane

Enjoy spectacular and breath taking aerial view of an illusory underwater waterfall from different angles while on a seaplane. The ocean helps provide a range of colours such as blue, white and green among others to give a sense of a waterfall which is 3-dimensional.

What should you expect during the sea plane ride?

  • You will have the chance to enjoy the excitement of a water take-off and landing. This is something that you only get to experience a few times in a lifetime
  • It is a perfect time to experience the fantastic nature that Mauritius has to offer, and in this case, you will be experiencing it from above
  • The breath taking views of the coastal area and beaches are something that you would not want to miss. What about the stunning view of the boats and yachts and beautiful trees on the sandy beaches?
  • Exploring Mauritius by seaplane is the best way to connect with the coral islands. Take beautiful photos of the coral reefs and the blue waters from above
  • It is a great experience. Flying over the stunning island allows you to see the ocean in its many colours as you enjoy the fresh air. The views are simply stunning and will take your breath away
  • Experience a fancy bird’s eye view of Mauritius Northern coastline.

If you are looking for the perfect way to enjoy your getaway this holiday, book a seaplane with us today and make the moments unforgettable. It is super affordable, and you get to choose the ideal seaplane flights duration that will suit your budget. Contact us today and experience thrilling take-off and unparalleled views of the coast with private seaplanes.

Note: Book your seaplane tour a few months before you travel to Mauritius because we don’t have availability, at times, for months!


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