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Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation In A Beach House In Mauritius

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Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation In A Beach House In Mauritius

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luxury beach house in Mauritius that serves rum

Picture this. You wake up to watch a beautiful sunrise and to the magical sounds of the ocean waves hitting the sand. The breezy wind is blowing away all your worries and tensions. The crooked coconut trees and exotic palms give you a view of a lifetime. You make yourself a drink and watch the majestic beauty of the turquoise waters and the clear skies up close. Sounds dreamy right?

That’s the kind of peaceful vacation a beach house in Mauritius will let your experience. It is far more enjoyable and memorable than a stay at a regular hotel.

Menu & Rum of Mauritian Beach Houses

Why not grab the chance and make your extraordinary trip more fulfilling? The menu served at these beach houses is what you need to make your trips to this tropical paradise even more personal and memorable. The rum is made of pure sugar cane juice. Many of them have been stored for at least 3 years and anyone can choose a minimum of 9 different types. Spiced gold rum is very popularly served in beach houses.

Make Your Holidays Unforgettable

A beach house takes you closer to the Mauritian experience. It feels just like home, gives you an outstanding level of comfort, and takes you near to the beautiful landscapes of Mauritius. You get to enjoy beach activities without any hassle.

When you choose to rent a beach house, you can also offer customized services. So you can have the same level of privacy and comfort you feel at your own home and yet get to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Beach houses are also great for families with kids. It just gives you the needed space for an enjoyable calm outing that no hotel room can provide. In addition, they give you a sense of actually living in Mauritius, no matter how short or long your stay may be.

The nightlife at a beach house can also get quite vibrant given the ample opportunities you get to make a night camp by the shores.

The artistic interiors of these beach houses will also be soothing to your soul and make it a truly relaxing vacation.

Beach House Grand Baie

Beach houses in Grand Baie serve a beautiful mix of local ambiance and delicious food. The place is on the royal road known for its scenic beaches dotted by palm trees. Here is where you can experience the real Mauritius as it allows you to interact with natives and the local population. You know the food is good when local people crowd the place. They serve lip-smacking exotic dishes for lunch and dinner.

You can also enjoy spending your day at the sports bar with spicy chicken wings, and other meat relishes.

There is live music, food, drinks, cocktails, bars, and a fantastic beach view over the lagoon of Grand Baie. So what else do you need to make the perfect date night?

The place also gets quite colorful and vibrant when it’s a game day, perfect for the careless travelling souls to find some carefree enjoyment.

Facilities at Beach Houses to Rent

Having the beach at your doorstep is not something you can get every day, especially when the beach is as beautiful as the ones in Mauritius. However, most beach houses you can rent provide extraordinary add-on services like airport escort, laundry services, babysitting, and guided tours.

You get to develop a personal relationship with the local hosts and understand Mauritius from a new perspective. Living in a beach house in Mauritius just that component that makes your entire stay more relaxing and fulfilling.


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