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Shop at the Best Shopping Malls in Mauritius

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Shop at the Best Shopping Malls in Mauritius

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Shopping malls in Mauritius are a shopper’s dream with unlimited avenues to explore. The tropical paradise offers a wide variety of shopping malls scattered throughout the island. The high population density of Mauritius gives life to bustling shopping malls to cater to everyone’s needs and inspirations. Mauritius shopping malls are laden with trending apparel, timeless, exotic jewellery items, branded cosmetics, and perfumes for people of all ages, gender, and likings.

You can find almost everything in the malls such as chic fashion dresses, vintage subcontinent saree collections, bohemian style casual dresses, and branded outlet stores. Some malls are big, featuring a cinema, food court, theme park, and a grocery section along with a massive shopping area, making them a perfect one-stop entertainment solution. Others are relatively small and best suitable if you are in a hurry and want to save time from the hassle of parking and walking across long corridors.

Tourists visiting Mauritius are most likely to visit shopping centres to bring back souvenirs for family and friends. Let us lend you a hand in the process of finding the best malls in Mauritius in all directions of the island.

Shopping Malls in North

La Croisette

La Croisette is one of the biggest and most popular malls situated in the heart of the coastal village of Grand Baie in north Mauritius. The large shopping mall offers a posh ambiance under the shades of futuristic architecture. La Croisette is a multipurpose shopping mall hosting a movie theatre, supermarket, sports centre, and entertainment theme park. The management of La Croisette mall handpicked 104 brands to open their outlets, including Lacoste, Mango, Citadel, and Adidas. Parking in La Croisette is never an issue with a massive underground parking area.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is an amazing destination for those looking to squeeze out the most from a limited time. The shopping village came into existence a long time ago to serve the need of visitors swarming in great numbers for an evening stroll by the beach and watching the beautiful sunset views. Both international and local Mauritian brands are available in Sunset Boulevard for shopping gifts to bring back home while getting to tick another tourist attraction off your list. Also, amazing restaurants with tasty food and aesthetic environments are situated on the strip to sign off the night perfectly.

Le Quartier des Serres

Le Quartier des Serres is a land of about four acres featuring numerous arenas for recreational activities. The shopping mall resides in the heart of Domaine, built to promote the historic Victorian mansion famous by the name Domaine de Labourdonnais. Adding commercial activities like supermarkets, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and salons in the vicinity facilitates visitors of the heritage while they shop at affordable rates. You will find local vendor stalls and branded outlet stores in the shopping mall, giving you a chance to budget your shopping effectively. Enjoy shopping in a natural setting of lush green lawns, agricultural fields, and walkways covered with a canopy, offering a peaceful therapeutic atmosphere.

Mahogany Shopping Promenade (New)

The new Mahogany Shopping Promenade is a sophisticated architecture accommodating more than 55 stores. The modish shopping mall is adorned by a beautiful artificial lake and many plantations inside-out. It is a comparatively small mall featuring local brands at affordable rates, perfect for tourists looking to bring back gifts home. Next to the shopping spot, you will find a hypermarket for a quick grocery voyage. Shoes, clothes, cosmetics, jewellery, and gift items are abundant at affordable rates and in cool varieties. The food court is situated on the open terrace, surrounded by 12 food outlets, including KFC and Eaters.

Mont Choisy Le Mall

Mont Choisy Le Mall is a lovely shopping centre offering a range of facilities if you are visiting the north of Mauritius. The place is a peaceful getaway in a place that is not too crowded, markets great value for products, and offers a range of activities for people of all ages. Kids are guaranteed to lose track of time in the fun-packed playground with water fountains. Meanwhile, the seniors can shop for the finest cashmere clothes and artisanal products. Outdoor cinema, garden events, fitness facility, and tasty dining spots like Saffron grill perfect the venue for your shopping venture.

Shopping Malls in South

Bo’Valon Mall (New)

A newly built modern shopping mall is located in the prime location of Mahebourg, about four kilometres from Blue Bay Beach. Tourist attractions bring thousands of visitors to this place, both locals and foreigners, to unwind at one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. The shopping mall is moderately big, holding limited brands without compromising on the variety and range of consumer products like footwear, apparel, electronic gadgets, home décor, furniture, accessories, etc. Bo’Valon Mall is the nearest shopping centre to the main international airport of Mauritius, offering Mauritian cell phone sim cards, currency exchange, and much more to gear you up for the trip.

Vieux Moulin Shopping Centre

Vieux Moulin Shopping Centre is an affordable shopping destination offering many traditional Mauritian products and local handicrafts. The place is famous for having subcontinent-style dresses that make a perfect gift to bring back home. The building is relatively old, with a massive parking space fenced by palm trees. A handful of food outlets, including KFC and Winners, give more reasons to hit the brakes when driving on A10 Royal Road.

Shopping Malls in East

Flacq Coeur de Ville

One of the biggest malls in the east of Mauritius hosts around 70 local and branded outlets. The shopping village of Flacq is the Times Square of Mauritius, with local vendor stalls on walkways, Indian wear boutiques, and shops abiding by the latest trends in garments, footwear, and beauty items. Movie theatre, healthcare centre, gym, sports facility, and other entertainment getaways make it a wholesome shopping destination in Mauritius.

Boulet Rouge Shopping Mall

Boulet Rouge Shopping Mall is conveniently located to pick up day-to-day necessities. The spot facilitates its residents by being an all-in-one stop having supermarkets, restaurants, banks, and pharmacies. Not to mention, a small-sized shopping mall is famous for perfume shops, books, and clothing items.

Shopping Malls in West

We will publish the best mall in the west after we complete our survey.

Shopping Malls in Port Louis

Riche Terre Mall

A clean and well-decorated shopping mall in northwest Mauritian situated near Port Louis harbour. Riche Terre Mall is home to 60+ local and branded outlet stores with a mind-blowing variety of ladies’ garments and accessories, along with a couple of kids’ corners. You will find a touch of Mauritian culture in the accessories and products, making them perfect for gifts and souvenirs. An extensive supermarket makes it a one-stop shopping solution for the capital’s residents.

Shopping Malls in Central Plateau

Phoenix Mall

Phoenix mall houses a range of local and international storefronts and many fast food outlets. The shopping mall is situated in one of the busiest areas in central Mauritius, serving as an entertainment centre for a fun family outings and an even better shopping centre. With over 75 shops in the facility, you can find both local and international brands putting their best variety in one of their best-selling stores in the country. Kiddyland, supermarket, tech showrooms, an enormous food court, and a well-stocked pharmacy make it a one-stop shopping solution.

La City Trianon

Previously known as Trianon Shopping Park, the huge shopping mall of La City Trianon has been serving the people of Mauritius since 2002. The first mall of the tropical bijou of Mauritius holds 100+ stores, making it a shopping paradise for fashion, footwear, jewellery, beauty, and technology lovers. The conjoint supermarket excels in providing daily life amenities at retail prices. A movie theatre, pub, amusement park, McDonald’s drive-thru, and amazing coffee shop make it a perfect place to chill and hang out with friends and family.


So’flo is a minimalist mall for running quick shopping errands owing to its amazing accessibility and prime location of Floreal in Central Mauritius. The vintage architecture is furnished with contemporary styles to give a cosy and stylish vibe to the mall, which boasts 21 retail stores. The shops are limited but make sure that the shoppers get a bit of everything under one roof. A hypermarket, food courts, and pharmacy make it a wholesome shopping destination in a nutshell.

Kendra Shopping Mall‎

A little north of central Mauritius, in the heart of St Pierre, is a lifestyle centre of Kendra Shopping Mall. A perfect spot to find stores featuring quality garments, baby products, makeup accessories, home ornamentals, shoes, and sandals under an affordable price tag. Branded outlets, multinational food chains, and an in-house supermarket make it an excellent shopping destination.

Finding a good shopping mall is no more a problem now that you know all about the whereabouts of the shopping malls in Mauritius. We at Mauritius Discovery tours arrange visits to shopping malls throughout the island. Our drivers take pleasure in navigating you to your chosen mall. You can also get a guide to do the negotiating for you, give useful tips and keep you miles away from scams or mishaps in the new country.


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