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Whale Watching Tours in Mauritius

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Whale Watching Tours in Mauritius

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Tourists watching baby humpback whale off the coast of Tamarin during a whale watching tour in Mauritius

Best Whale Watching Tours in Mauritius

Whale watching in Mauritius is a unique chance to explore the intriguing lives of these spectacular marine mammals as they go about their business in their natural habitat. Whale watching is indeed a moving experience that will bring you close to the beautiful scenery of the unspoiled landscapes and magnificent animals.

The best whale watching tours involve a speed boat ride further into the sea where the number of encounters and activities will depend on the weather conditions, but whale watching will be the main one. The sight and experience of seeing a whale take the last breathe as it dives, can be overwhelming some visitors with the usual outbursts, or others in deafening silence.

Many ocean enthusiasts visit Mauritius just to watch these extraordinary mammals elegantly cross the sea while passing twirls and making amusing sounds in the water as they dance just a few meters away.

Whale Watching Season in Mauritius

With good weather conditions, there is always a chance to see whales in Mauritius. Sperm whales can be seen all year round and are known to settle in warm waters. Humpback whales, on the other hand, are more popular in July-November which is the best time to go for a whale watching tour.

As earlier mentioned, the trip will be via a speedboat. The tour usually takes about 3 hours and you will be picked at Tamarin. Before departure, you will be briefed about the details of the tour including security, precautions on the boat, types of whales you can encounter, whale habits, and so on. Remember to carry your lens camera.

Some info on the Whales in Mauritius

Mauritius has a tropical-temperate climate that provides an ideal habitat for different types of whales. There are three main types of whales in Mauritius, notably the sperm, pilot and humpback whales. The whales often migrate in winter to mate and get back to Antarctic Ocean.

Humpback Whales

The Humpback whales are some of the largest whale species, with adults weighing up to 35 tonnes and stretching up 15 meters in length. That’s about the size of a 62-seater school bus. They generally have a black back with varying shades of white on the underside.

Sperm Whales

The Sperm whales are bigger than Humpback whales –they can weigh up to a whopping 60 tons and stretches up to 18 meters in length. They have block-shaped heads and generally dark grey in color. Sperm whales can be spotted in Mauritian waters throughout the year.

Pilot Whales

Pilot whales are probably the most intelligent whales, able to form cohesive bonds. The social group members can stick together and protect each other. The Pilot whales are generally brown or black with large, rounded heads. They are relatively small than the first two and can reach 7 meters in length.


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