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Visit the paradise island of Ile des Deux Cocos

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Visit the paradise island of Ile des Deux Cocos

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Front aerial view of Ile aux deux cocos Mauritius

Aerial View of Ile Des Deux Cocos











Just off the South East Coast of Mauritius lies the picturesque Ile Des Deux Cocos island resort in the middle of a turquoise ocean. The Villa was built in the early 1920s by Sir Hesketh Bell. This island resort was formerly restored to a glory that brings the last century to the present to give us a place that you can find tranquility and fun activities that are unrivaled.

This piece of paradise that sits amid coral reefs, a clear ocean with colorful fish and sea breezes that rejuvenate you instantly has incredible features. These include a bougainvillea garden, a swimming pool, private speedboats and Moroccan architecture styles that blow your mind away when you look at them.

When it comes to the excursion packages that are offered here, you will find that they have suitably priced trips around the area including a glass-bottomed boat trip to the Blue Bay Marine Park with all the snorkeling equipment so that you can see all the wonders beneath the surface.

Here is a comprehensive list of the packages that you can find here.

Hotel Day Package

There is the shuttle boat that transfers people between Ile des Deux Cocos and Ile Maurice. After that you will be greeted by the cocktail drinks and cold towels when you get to the island. Thereafter, there is the Mauritanian buffet lunch that lets you get a grip on the charm that is exuded by this terrific island. You will have the time to get underwater if need be just to enjoy the sights and the refreshing tropical waters.

Wedding Packages All Inclusive

Ile Des Deux Cocos host wedding like no other place. The atmosphere is unique and the experience is indescribable. If you have an opportunity to marry in such a wonderful place, you can just not like to miss this one.

The Glass Bottom Bat Trip to Blue Bay Marine Park

This diving in Blue Bay will be done after a trip on the boat which has a glass bottom. You will be allowed to snorkel and feel the glory of the Ile Des 2 Cocos in all its fullness. The lunch will feature an array that includes grilled and salad in an open air setting around lush foliage.

The Villa

Ile des deux cocos villa

The villa has all the facilities that you may need for day use which will include 3 bedrooms that have functioning and superb air conditioning to keep the hot air regulated just right. There is a safe where you can keep valuables, a bathroom that features 2 basins plus a hair dryer if you need one. These create a homey feel that you will appreciate.

What’s more, you get a balcony, an en-suite bathroom, a private pool, dining room, solarium and private terrace which make it all worth everything that you pay to be there. The villa has a maximum capacity of six people but you will need to reserve first before you show up.

Something to Remember at Ile Des Deux Cocos

The sun may be harsh and you are advised to bring sun-block and hats. The sights are best remembered if you have a camera at hand for all the color. Carry a swimsuit because you will be doing a lot of snorkeling once you see the clarity of the ocean and the way that marine life looks like in the tropics.


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