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Unforgettable Hiking & Trekking Adventures in Mauritius

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Unforgettable Hiking & Trekking Adventures in Mauritius

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Best Hikes & Trails in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of those countries that you would look forward to visiting if you were an outdoor fanatic. It is rich in awe-inspiring mountain views, gorgeous rivers with magnificent waterfalls, and deep natural forests that are home to various birds species. The country offers endless possibilities for hiking, trekking, and other nature trips ranging from mountains, rivers, forests and canyons.

Whether you opt to enjoy a half-day trip to the Le Pouce Mountain or perhaps you want to spend an enjoyable full day trip at the Tamarind Falls, you will certainly experience the sight of breathtaking mountains and rivers. Below are some of the best hiking & trailing places that you should consider.

• Hiking Trip to Ile D’Ambre

Ile D’ambre Island is one of the most amazing wild sanctuaries in Mauritius. It is known for its dense mangroves that surround the island while the inside is rich in deep forests, which makes it a perfect hiking destination. To learn more about the islands surrounding, flora and fauna, and its ecosystem, you will have to take a 5-hour tour that will also give you a great walking opportunity.


To reach the island, you are transferred by a Mauritian pirogue. Then you are dropped at the north east of Mauritius inside a lagoon. On arrival, you will start your trekking trip through the island. This trek passes through exotic and newly planted endemic trees. During the expedition, you will follow hiking trails that lead to historic ruins on the island. Other than the rich history, you will learn during the trek, you will also get an opportunity to unveil Mauritius hidden beaches, island channels, and beautiful lagoons.


• Black River Trail


Black_river_Gorges_National_ParkYou will need a whole day of fun and adventure to exhaust the fun of trailing Black River. The region is famous among beginners and professional anglers who want to enjoy the thrilling deep sea fishing adventure. If you are not into fishing, you can opt for an excursion hike to The Black River Gorges National Park located in southwest Mauritius. The park is rich in long and short hiking trails, all of which expose you to over 311 species of flowering endemic plants. Trekking deeper in the park will bring you to panoramic views of the park as well as a refreshing river where you can swim to cool off the heat.

• Le Pouce Mountain Hiking

Hikking Le_Pouce_mountain

Le Pouce is the third largest mountain in Mauritius and a hiking trip here will give you some of the most spectacular views. With its 360 degrees view, you will have a splendid view of the small islands in the north of Mauritius. From the top, you also get a clear view of the capital and Moka.



• Trekking Tamarind Falls

Aerial view of the 7 falls hike

Tamarind Falls, also known as Tamarin Falls or Seven Falls or 7 Cascades or Sept Cascades, are a series of seven waterfalls that are located on Rivière Tamarin. What makes the falls worth hiking are its awe-striking views of Le Morne Mountain, waterfalls, rivers, and magnificent nature paradise. Hiking to the falls gives you an opportunity to get a firsthand experience of the Natural Park and the falls. While taking hiking excursions to the Tamarind Falls, you have an option to take the forest trails or trek in the open area near the basalt rock.

• Zipline Hiking Trip

Zipline mauritius

Zipline Mauritius

A full day hiking excursion to zip line hiking will take you to a region full of amazing experiences such as climbing wooden ladders knotted with ropes and crossing some of the Park Rivers using Nepalese bridges. Other excellent activities to enjoy during the hiking trip include swimming in ponds and relaxing under waterfalls. You and your loved ones can enjoy BBQ in nature, which will give you an opportunity to have fun with the zip line, as lunch is getting ready.

• Pieter Both Explorations


It is the most iconic feature in Mauritius and the second largest mountain in the region. If you are looking forward to having real fun during your trip to Mauritius, then you need to make a point to climb the mountain. Reaching the top is not possible without using climbing gear and you, therefore, need to be ready for an adventure. You also have to be a challenge lover since the rocks can be very slippery at times making it hard to reach the top. You can tell whether climbing will be easy or not depending on whether the rocky drainage on the trail will have water flowing or not.

Le Morne Brabant Hike

View of the Magnificient Sea Floor From Le Morne Brabant Mountain

Le Morne Brabant Mountain is a renown tourist attraction in Mauritius and its trekking very popular even among Mauritians. Some tourists also pronounce it as ‘le mourne mauritius’. During the whole hiking trip, one can enjoy the beauty of the landscape lying below the mountain. If there is one hiking trail that is filled with excitement and emotion in Mauritius is the Le Morne nature trail. It is simply among the best Mauritius hiking trails and no visitor to Mauritius should miss touring Le Morne Brabant.

The mountain has many caves and overhangs which provided an ideal settlement for escaped slaves and maroons during the 18th century and the early 19th century. During the colonial days of Mauritius, armed detachment were sent at the Mountain foot to capture the slaves who had escaped from their masters. Since it was a well-known destination of marronage, we have records which shows that even slaves from Pamplemousses were captured there.

After the abolition of the slavery, police was dispatched to the mountain to inform the slaves about the news but the expedition turned into a catastrophe. Many slaves are believed to jump from the mountain top for fear of being captured. Le Morne Brabant site had been declared as a World heritage in 2008 by UNESCO. There are celebrations each year on February 1 to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Mauritius by the Le Morne Heritage Trust. It is also a time to pay respect to all those slaves who had committed suicide from atop the mountain instead of being captured as slaves again. This day is now a public holiday in Mauritius.



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