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Discover the Best Snorkeling & the Beauty of Coral Reef in Mauritius

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Discover the Best Snorkeling & the Beauty of Coral Reef in Mauritius

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Trou_deau_douce_Pink_corals_rich_in_fish_diversity as seen during snorkeling

Pink Corals at Trou D’Eau Douce

It feels great to dive into the ocean waters and watch the underwater world reveal itself. If you want to explore and marvel at the underwater world, you should give snorkeling a try. It allows you to gaze down in amazement at the beautiful colored fish. Moreover, other sea beings as they swim closer to you and in/out of expansive coral reefs.

The refreshing and cool water will keep your body calm as you swim next to the likes of parrot fish. Look right into their eyes for a moment at an arm’s length before they disappear into the blue ray. You will get to watch a ray gliding at the bottom like a shadow while the eels watch your moves with their tiny beady eyes.

Mauritius, which is one of the best tourist destinations along the coastlines of Africa, also happens to be a top destination for snorkeling. The south-west and eastern part of the Island has lagoons that stretch over an area of 300 square kilometers. Mauritius is also home to more than 400 species of beautiful underwater creatures.

Top snorkeling spots in Mauritius

If you’re planning for a holiday to Mauritius that involves snorkeling, here are some of our best recommended spots you should check out.

1. Blue Bay Marine Park

Table coral with fishes as seen during snorkeling at Blue Bay Marine Park

Table Coral at Blue Bay Marine Park

The Blue Bay Marine Park is ideal for snorkeling and is a must-visit place in Mauritius. The water is always crystal clear, and this little bay contains outstanding coral beds and unmatched, vibrant undersea life guaranteed to leave anyone in awe. The large branched and flat coral beds have earned the parks its high reputation.

It also boasts of a full range of aquatic life species. You will readily find vast shoals of surgeonfish, parrotfish, damsel fish, marine turtle, Sergeant Major fish, and Moorish idols. Snorkeling is, nonetheless, not allowed in every part of the park. There are specific snorkeling zones and possible dangers. So, it would be best if you stuck to these swimming zones and you are guaranteed safe snorkeling.

2. Mahebourg Bay

For snorkeling enthusiasts, Mahebourg Bay which is off the southeast corner of the Island is an excellent snorkeling spot. Visibility underwater here is great, and water depth is just between 5-6 meters, which makes it the best spot for a beginner snorkelers. You get to see stretches of table corals and beautiful reef fishes such as damsel fish, angelfish, wrasse, clown fish, and parrot fish among other fascinating creatures. The spot also has a variety of habitat plantations such as algae gardens, mangroves, corals, and sea grasses.

3. Flic en Flac

Flic en Flac beach is probably the Islands longest beach, covering long expanses on the western coast. Snorkeling here is excellent –the site is safe with gently shelving sands, calm lagoon and a wide range of colorful fish species such as the white-spotted boxfish stripy Moorish idol, blue-tarred parrot fish, and Nemo fish. Be careful where you step as this site tends to have some sea urchins and shells –you should probably purchase some swimming shoes in local stores or supermarket. If you stay long enough, you get a chance to see bottle nose and spinner dolphins. Sperm whales can also be spotted, but the best season to see them is during winter.

4. Trou- D’eau Douce

Corals at Trou d'eau douce rich in fish

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Trou d’Eau Douce which loosely translates to “fresh water hole” in English, is a destination Village on the Western Coast of Mauritius. It’s located next to a vast lagoon of Ile aux Cerfs Island. Corals here, including the pink corals, are rich in fish diversity. The picturesque white sand beaches are also one of the main reasons why this islet is the most visited location in Mauritius –approximately half a million tourist visit this place each year. There are many stops on the lagoon which are perfect for snorkeling.

5. Ile aux Cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is one of those must-visit islets in the shore of Mauritius if you are fond of snorkeling. The island is ideal for snorkeling, as a result of the turquoise lagoon, surrounded by beautiful white sandbars that create swimming and snorkeling easier. There’s loads of fish and coral to see such as sea bream, starfish, parrot fish, blue striped snappers, along with other species.

6. Flat Island

Flat Island_ Massive coral with wide varieties of fishes as captured during snorkeling by tourits

Massive Coral With Wide Varieties of Fishes at Flat Island

Flat Island, also referred to as Île Plate, is situated close to the Round Island, North of Mauritius. The Island is surrounded by a massive reef that has made it one of the most popular snorkeling spots with great diving sites. It is s less frequented by visitors, which gives it a great sense of intimacy and privacy.

7. Trou aux Biches/ Turtle Bay

Marine Turle spotted at Trou aux Biches in the vicinity of Turtle Bay during snorkeling

Marine Turtle at Trou aux Biches near Turtle Bay

Trou aux Biches rates as one of the best snorkeling places in Mauritius. It’s great for families too. The pretty the beach is lined with beautiful casuarina trees and has shallow, calm water with reefs close to the shore. Marine turtle can be seen here too. Corals are not in such a good condition in the lagoon, but off lagoon has good coral cover. Simply dive into the water to the reef via the shallow waters and view a large variety of underwater species.

8. Belle Mare


The Belle Mare Beach is another one of the longest beaches in Mauritius. The beach covers several miles from Trou-d’Eau Douce to the Belle Mare village, all covered by pristine white sand, probably the most beautiful beach in Mauritius. You can see corals growing at the bottom of the sandy beach waters. The site is known for branching corals with schools of fishes and diverse corals with lots of reef fishes.

9. Coin de Mire

Coin de Mire snorkeling spot is located near Djabeda wreck site and offers an excellent view of the Coin de Mire. Ocean floors here have soft corals, foliose corals, and pinky sub-massive corals.

Snorkeling for Underwater Photography

If you’re a fan of underwater photography, you will love the beautiful view of the vibrant marine life here. You can observe tunas, turtles, eagle rays, surgeonfish, Damselfish, butterfly fish, and juvenile sailfin tangs.


Family Snorkeling

Family snorkeling is a unique way of creating lasting holiday memories. Some of the best beaches for family snorkeling include Trou aux Biches, Belle Mare, and Blue Bay. These beaches have relatively shallow, clear waters and safe for beginners. Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling shoes along with other snorkeling gear for extra protection.

The Mauritius Coral Reef

Overall, as you can see, Mauritius has some of the most beautiful corals and snorkeling sites any snorkeling enthusiast can’t resist. From table corals and colorful pink corals to soft corals, foliose corals, and sub-massive corals, you are surrounded by beautiful marine scenery and creatures throughout your adventure. If you’re planning for a Mauritius holiday, now you have more than enough reasons to include snorkeling on your to-do list.



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