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A Brief on Mauritius Tours 

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean that lies off the southeast coast of Africa. It sits on 720 square miles of land that is full of beautiful lagoons. It also has 330 km of pristine coastline dotted with beautiful palm-filled beaches. Coral reefs surround most of the coast. These features have earned Mauritius a reputation as one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Consequently, this country offers you a wide range of sightseeing, ecological, nature, and historical, religious and adventurous tours.

Mauritius is an ideal place for such tours because it has a high population that lives in relative harmony and peace. In other words, ethnic and religious groups coexist in a spirit of unity driven by common objectives. One of these objectives is the preservation of their cultural heritage. That means you will experience the rich culture of this great nation because the people who live in it cherish it. These positive attitudes are another reason why tourists like visiting Mauritius.


Sightseeing tours 

The sightseeing tours allow you to enjoy several tourist attractions and are the ultimate choice if you are an adventure lover. You get to see the icons of Mauritius and the perfect spots the country has to offer. These involve visits to the picturesque landscape, scenery, wildlife, and a feel of the local culture. Some of these tours are helicopter and seaplane, 7 coloured earth.

Ecological tours 

The ecological tour allows you to experience a blend of cultural and cherished adventure. Some such tours involve a visit to the Bois Cheri tea factory, the

Historic tours

This tour takes you through some of Mauritius’s historic sites with a deep heritage. It is a full day of fun and adventure. Examples are the Sugar museum and Château Labourdonnais.

Adventure tours

An adventure tour to Mauritius is memorable as you will have an opportunity to discover historic and breathtaking scenery. They include activities at Vallee des Couleurs, Casela, etc.

On-water adventure tours

The journey starts from the west coast, where you can enjoy watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat while riding in a speed boat or catamaran. Get into your snorkeling attire to swim with wild dolphins. You will need a camera to capture all the memorable events you have experienced. Big game fishing, dolphin watching or swimming, and kite surfing are some to mention in this category.

Religious tours

As an ancient country, Mauritius is filled with many sacred places. The spiritual journey takes you to some of Mauritius’ holy sites. You get a chance to absorb the history and learn about its significance. Here you get to visit Grand Bassin & the giant statues of Mangal Mahadev & Hindu Goddess Durga, and the Red Church.

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