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Have you thought of swimming with unique, wild and intelligent sea mammals in a natural habitat? Yes, it is possible in Mauritius.


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A Brief on Mauritius Tours 

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean that lies off the southeast coast of Africa. It sits on 720 square miles of land that is full of beautiful lagoons. It also has 330 km of pristine coastline dotted with beautiful palm-filled beaches. Coral reefs surround most of the coast. These features have earned Mauritius a reputation as one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Consequently, this country offers you a wide range of sightseeing, ecological, nature, and historical, religious and adventurous tours.

Mauritius is an ideal place for such tours because it has a high population that lives in relative harmony and peace. In other words, ethnic and religious groups coexist in a spirit of unity driven by common objectives. One of these objectives is the preservation of their cultural heritage. That means you will experience the rich culture of this great nation because the people who live in it cherish it. These positive attitudes are another reason why tourists like visiting Mauritius.

Sightseeing Tours 

The sightseeing tours allow you to enjoy several tourist attractions and are the ultimate choice if you are an adventure lover. You get to see the icons of Mauritius and the perfect spots the country has to offer. These involve visits to the picturesque landscape, scenery, wildlife, and a feel of the local culture. Some of these tours are helicopter and seaplane, 7 coloured earth, Chamarel waterfall, Ebony Forest Reserve in the South.

The north sightseeing attractions bring you to the Citadel Fort, Le Caudan Waterfront, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, and Grand Baie Beach.

Helicopter & Seaplane

If you want to see the beauty of Mauritius island from the sky, you need to get on one of these tours. The most favourite destination for this tour is the underwater waterfall. It is breath-taking, and if you are taking the tour from the north, you get through the Moka mountain range overlooking the Pieter Both and Le Pouce, which are favourite trekking spots of tourists.

Chamarel Attractions & Adventures

Chamarel is a gorgeous site to see in the country. Continue reading, and you will see why?


The seven-coloured Earth is the main attraction with 7 different hues of sands and dunes that have piled over 7500 sq. meter area over the years. It is amazing to see the 7 different soils displayed so vibrantly in such a small space.


But for Rebecca and Dan, before you get to the seven-coloured Earth, visit the Rhumerie de Chamarel, where you can taste the local Rhum. Then get yourself a glass of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice & take it to the site, or you can grab a coffee with some nibbles at the site café.


Very nearby is the Chamarel Waterfall. The amazing natural wonder stands at 83m tall. You can even see its power from far away. For an incredible experience, walk to the waterfall’s source or the watchpoint.


The Chamarel adventure also optionally includes the Ebony forest. A jeep ride takes you to the top of the mountain, where the focal attraction is the ebony tree that takes a very long time to grow. The island was home to ebony trees around 1000 years old at its discovery. From the top of the forest, you can see the West Coast. The place is great for spending the morning with your family and enjoying Mauritius more.


The curious corner is another attraction in Chamarel that you would not like to miss.

The north sightseeing attractions bring you to the Citadel Fort, Le Caudan Waterfront, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden, and Grand Baie Beach.

Le Morne Brabant

Another notable destination in Mauritius’ South is Le Morne Brabant. It is a Unesco world heritage site. It is an important part of Mauritius’ history and culture. A basaltic mountain is found on the Peninsula of Le Morne Brabant, surrounded by palm trees. It also has some of the most stunning beaches you’ll ever see. The mountain is considered freedom in Mauritius because enslaved people would go there to escape their oppressed lives. Adventure enthusiasts can hike the mountain even with family.

Ecological Tours 

The ecological tour allows you to experience a blend of cultural and cherished adventure. Some such tours involve a visit to the Bois Cheri tea factory, Ile aux Aigrettes & Black River Gorges National Park.

Ile aux Aigrettes

Ile aux Aigrettes, a small coral island, is located 800m off the coast of Mahebourg’s South East coast. The Mauritius Wildlife Foundation designated the island a nature conservation area. It has done an amazing job in removing invasive species from the island to allow for the natural forest to reshape. It is the only dry coastal woodland in Mauritius. The kestrel, pink pigeon, green Gecko, and Aldabra Giant Tortoise are just a few of the rarest birds and animals that live on the island and will amaze you with their beauty.

Historic Tours

This tour takes you through some of Mauritius’s historic sites with a deep heritage. It is a full day of fun and adventure. Examples are Apravasi Ghat, Sugar museum, Château Labourdonnais, Fort Citadel & the Eureka House.

Apravasi Ghat

Apravasi Ghat is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the place where indentured labourers landed in Mauritius to work in sugar cane fields after the abolition of slavery. Make sure you pre-book a guided tour 2 days before. You can see the names of labourers with their photographs and the ships that brought them to the island. It displays the camera used to take 2 photos of every indentured labourer.

Adventure Tours

An adventure tour to Mauritius is memorable as you will have an opportunity to discover historic and breath-taking scenery. They include activities at Vallee des Couleurs, Casela. The last two visits are full of adrenaline-producing activities like zipline, quad biking, walking with big cats, mountain climbing or trekking.

On-water adventure Tours

The journey starts from the west coast, where you can enjoy watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat while riding in a speed boat or catamaran. Get into your snorkelling attire to swim with wild dolphins. You will need a camera to capture all the memorable events you have experienced. Big game fishing, dolphin watching or swimming, and kite surfing are some to mention in this category.

Religious Tours

As an ancient country, Mauritius is filled with many sacred places. The spiritual journey takes you to some of Mauritius’ holy sites. You get a chance to absorb the history and learn about its significance. Here you get to visit Grand Bassin & the giant statues of Mangal Mahadev & Hindu Goddess Durga, and the Red Church.

Ganga Talao

Ganga Talao. It is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus in Mauritius during the Mahashivratree festival. Several hundred thousand pilgrims converge on Ganga Talao during the festival. If you are in Mauritius during the period of Mahashivratree, make sure you visit Ganga Talao, also known as Grand Bassin.

What tour reserves the East?

5 Island Tour

The main attraction of the East is undeniably Ile-aux-cerfs. The island is a center of attraction for many activities, from sightseeing the Grand River South East Waterfall to visiting the other 4-islands comprising Ilot Marianne Nature Reserve, Ile aux Fouqueux Nature Park, Ile aux Aigrettes, Îlot Flamants. The visit is well known as the 5 islands tour.

Guided Tours

Guided tours form an essential part of discovering Mauritius island. Make sure that you have a guide when venturing to certain places. The Tamarin Falls stands out of all as Mauritius special response services have often been deployed to pick up tourists from this region, and you certainly don’t want to get lost here. Gris Gris beach, known for its tranquil scenery, is another place that certainly needs guidance. So is Souillac because of the unstable nature of the waves striking rock flanks?

Hiring a guide also saves you an enormous amount of time. You also get the best out of your visit to Mauritius with a guide better than without one. Make sure to ask lots of questions. As a result, you can choose the best places to eat, visit the best shopping malls or enjoy your night coffee in a cosy environment.

Local Tours

The local tours entail all the north, south and east tours listed above, but more importantly, you may have something in mind when doing such a search on the internet. Such an inquiry brings you to the streets of Port Louis for food tasting or the crafts market of Mauritius, where you can find some local souvenirs. When we talk of the latter, we cannot miss the dodo or even the ship shop in Floreal.

Group Tours

You always get the expertise of a tour guide when you book a group tour with us. The guide gives you all the best ethics to follow in different places and tourist spots. For example, if you are at a religious place like Grand Bassin, you must remove your sandals before entering any Mandirs. For adventure activities, we will advise you on the profiles needed for the different adventures, and we take no risks with our clients. Normally, we give you a bus to travel so that you are a few yards from your loved ones throughout all your tours. As a result, you enjoy the attractions and have fun with each other at places like the curious corner.

Our planning is perfect, and your tour manager will cater to everything you need during any trip or activity. You need not worry if you are in a group of 20 persons or 200 people; we will have every one of you covered. Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction.