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Visit & Tour Bois Cheri

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Visit & Tour Bois Cheri

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View of bois cheri tea plantation & the crater lake with the factory

Some countries have whisky or wine routes – in Mauritius, we have a tea route. The Island’s largest producer, Bois Cheri Tea Plantation, is the main stop on this route. Bois Cheri Plantation was established in 1892, and have quickly grown over the years to become the county’s largest tea producer. The Tea plantation covers more than 250 hectares including a museum and the factory which allow visitors to learn about the art and science of tea.

Visits to the tea estate include guided toursand explorations of the factory, and the chance to see the museum and the plantation, as well as tea tasting. The guide leads you through the tea plantation and factory narrating the history, tales and stories of Bois Chéri and how important tea production is to Mauritius.

Bois Cheri tea plantation

If you love tea and nature, this is one of those tours you don’t want to miss. The plantation is just a short distance from the museum and the main factory. It’s nested in a scenic natural setting with the surroundings of lush greenery. The background invokes some quiet relaxation and peace of mind.

Other than the beautiful lush greenery of the tea plantation, you will be treated to a South coast picturesque view on one side and a beautiful crater lake as you turn around. Even just a drive around is quite beautiful; there are sweet spots where you can stop to take photos of the lake, fascinating trees and tea plantations from all angles.

A Visit to the Factory and Museum

The next visit would be to a small museum, and here, you will find lots of information on the Mauritian tea history, the production and display of some older machines used earlier for tea production.

Some of the machinery you will be shown includes an old locomotive train. Before Mauritius gained independence, the British were moving goods and passengers around using rails. After Mauritian independence in 1968, the founders of Bois Cheri bought the F4268 locomotive which is now used as a boiler. The Mauritian tea story will be told using small wall illustrations.

Next is the visit to the factory. You will be able to see the machinery in action if the production is ongoing. The tea production starts in the morning. So probably the best time to visit is in the morning hours. The factory isn’t that huge, but it is interesting to see the process for the manufacture of tea. They produce both green and black tea, but their signature tea is vanilla tea.

Tea tasting

After a walk around the museum and factory, the next on the list is tea tasting, which is inclusive of the visit price. You will drive to the factory café near the restaurant where you get to taste all types of teas that you want. You can purchase waffles or pancakes to eat with the tea if you wish.

Bois Cheri restaurant

Visitors taking lunch at Bois cheri restaurant. Showing some dishes of the reataurantBois Cheri

The Bois Cheri restaurant is within a walking distance from the café, factory, museum and administration block. The best thing about its location is that it offers picturesque views of the south coast. The restaurant offers unique cuisines including a wide range of local flavors to choose.

You will get a chance to taste shrimps with green tea and chicken with exotic tea. Most visitors love chicken marinated in vanilla tea sauce, and this comes with dhal, rice, and the standard condiments. Whichever your choice, be sure to try some local dishes. The restaurant and the entire tour, in general, is suitable for a visit with your friends or family as you enjoy the meal, the scenery, and soothing cool music.


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