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A quad bike put on grass in Mauritius

Safety Measures For Quad Biking in Mauritius

A visit to the beautiful island of Mauritius would not be complete without checking off at least one adrenaline-fueled adventure from your to-do list. There is no shortage of experience to get into in Mauritius, but one excursion we recommend is exploring the island via a quad bike.

What Is a Quad Bike?

Quad bikes are essentially motorcycles that have four large tires instead of two. They are sometimes also known as all-terrain vehicles, four-Wheeler or just quads.

What Does a Quad Bike Tour Consist Of?

The quad bike tour will depend on which agency you book through. In some situations, you will be exploring the countryside in a natural reserve park. With some companies you’ll go as far as 35 kilometers on your quad, taking in waterfalls and swimming.

Quad Bike Safety

A quad bike put on grass in Mauritius

There are hazards involved in any adventure activity. When we are looking at quad biking, the most common injuries result from falling off of the quad or it crushing the rider. There are some basic safety tips that one must abide by to prevent damage. Since the quads do not have roll bars, personal protective equipment is an absolute must. The only form of protection that you’ll have as a rider is whatever you choose to wear. Because most quad-related fatalities occur due to head injuries, a helmet is a non-negotiable piece of equipment you must wear. In addition to your headgear, clothing should cover your arms and legs to help protect your skin if you crash or fall off the quad.

Only people who are adequately trained to drive a quad bike should be behind the wheel. We recommend passengers be over the age of 16 as well. You may find that some tour companies provide shorter tours for children younger than 16. Such trips may be excellent so long as the companies have done their research and are giving quad bikes that are the proper size for your children. These companies may have minimum and maximum height and weight restrictions in place, and they should be strictly following them.

Quad Tours and the Mauritius Tourism Authority

According to the Tourism Authority of Mauritius, any company that is in the business of providing quad bike tours must provide proper documentation before being allowed to operate their business. These companies must prove that they have safety and security measures in place to protect their riders. In addition to that, companies must provide the Tourism Authority with their maintenance plan for their quads. This ensures that the quads are always in good running condition.

While there are countless activities available for adventure-seekers on Mauritius, we recommend considering a quad bike tour. Not only do they provide visitors with a way to see the countryside and panoramic views of the coastline, but these tours are also able to do so in a unique vehicle that many people may have never had the chance to drive or experience before. Quad bikes tours are a must-do, so long as you’re prepared to ask questions about safety and strap on all of your protective equipment before you go!

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