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Ocean Diving

Under Sea Walk- Can It Be An Initiation To Scuba Diving?

Ocean Diving

Both Under Sea Walking and Scuba Diving involve safely breathing and spending time below the surface of the water. While the exact nature and objectives of each differ widely, the fact the former involves meticulous introduction into the water under the careful watch of a professional guide means it is easy to attempt. Consequently, anyone who finds it extremely difficult to take scuba diving lessons may find it a lot easier after walking severally under water. How? To best answer this question, it is essential to first go through the meaning and working of each.

Under Sea Walking

This activity, intended to give you an exciting sea walk along an ocean bed, takes place 3 to 4 meters below the water surface. It is designed to enable you to witness firsthand the fascinating marine life in the company of a qualified and experienced guide. As a tourist attraction, Under
Water Walking is both safe and exciting. Interestingly, underwater walking does not require any prior knowledge of diving or swimming, and you do not even have to take off your glasses. Expert divers carefully select the site, to ensure it is not only of a safe but also appropriate for individuals of all ages.

How it works

A guide places a heavy and transparent helmet, with a special visor, on your head. The weight of the gear serves as ballast and as such allows you to remain on the sea bed. A specially designed apparatus ensures you have normal breathing while under the water. It receives air under
pressure meaning such you are free to stroll safely along the sea bed. The whole setup is a controlled and hence safe setting for other underwater activities including scuba diving.

Scuba Diving

As the name suggests, the term refers to a type of underwater diving that involves using a scuba (a self-contained subsurface breathing device) completely independent of the surface supply to breathe while under the water. When taking part in the activity, you must carry your source of oxygen, and as such you have a level of freedom and independence. The scuba supplies you with the breathing gas via a regulator. That is why scuba diving can take significantly longer compared to Under Water Walking.

How it works

While some people perform scuba diving for recreational reasons, others take part in it professionally for different applications. Examples include military, public safety, and scientific purposes. Scuba diver use fins connected to their feet to move under the water. However, depending on the exact nature and purpose, some people opt to use a diver propulsion vehicle to move around. This activity requires a level of skills and expertise, something you can’t entirely get from under water walking.


Scuba diving involves a lot more than under water sea walk. So, even though some people confess it helped them overcome the fear of water
diving, the truth is you still need a lot more to venture into scuba diving fully. In my opinion, just like it plays a role in divers, water-phobic individuals can use under water walking to overcome their fear. This way, they can make the best of any introduction courses from qualified professionals.

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