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kite surf ile maurice

Learning the basics of kite surfing in Mauritius

Kite surfing, a wind-driven water sport that utilizes a board and kite to propel you on top of the water is one of the most exciting water sports in Mauritius. The island has many kite surfing schools due to its popularity for this activity. While Le Morne kite surfing is best for both beginners and expert surfers, Anse la Raie in the north and Palmar in the East are also very popular.

To experience the excitement of kite surfing to the fullest, you need to master the basics and the techniques necessary to progress. Fortunately, it does not involve waves (despite the name), and you do not need to be super-fit either; the kite is extremely lightweight. So, where do you start? How can you acquire the basics, and what do you need to progress? Read on for answers to these questions, and much more about kite surfing.

Five crucial steps to progress fast in kite surfing

Getting Started

1. Start with a trainer Kite

A trainer kite, a small 2-3 meters traction model, allows you to safely master the basics of the game before you venture into the water. It, therefore, provides an exceptional way to understand the wind window and power zone both of which are crucial in kite surfing. These models typically come with 2 to 4 lines even though 3 line varieties like Ozone Ignition exist. Understanding the basics of these kites enables you to save a lot of money and time, later on.

During Lessons

2. Kiting On Land

Pertinent techniques to acquire during land-based instruction are kite control, launching, and landing. If you are already knowledgeable about flying kites, this stage will be shorter as your instructor will use the time to evaluate your skills. You will learn about inflatable types, functionalities of the bar and safety mechanisms and any difference with those of the models you have already come across.

3. Kiting on water

kite surf ile maurice

Water lessons run for between 6-10 hours depending on the speed with which you grasp the techniques. The skills you will acquire at this stage include safe launch and landing, water re-launch, body-dragging with kite board and board-starting in water. Make sure you clearly understand these crucial concepts, failing to do so endanger your life as well as that of people around you when flying a kite.

Going to the next level

4. Set a goal

Once you master all the techniques, the next step is to challenge yourself to improve your skills continually. Identify a few tricks that can work best on low wind and others for strong wind. Set an objective of, say, going upwind or riding toe side. Work hard into achieving that and try another, like jumping. Proceed this way, and eventually, you will improve your kite surfing skills a great deal. Once you exhaust the ideas you have in mind, ask your friends to recommend some tricks and master them.

5. Watch instructional videos

Watch videos on how to kite surf and pay particular attention to the skills you have never come across. You will be surprised there are many tricks that you previously never even imagined. Search online for progression videos; besides explaining different tricks elaborately, the program uses different perspectives. Besides, you have the option of watching their free videos on YouTube or using the app to get DVDs with rich collection of tricks.


Follow the above, proven, steps when learning kite surfing in Mauritius Besides enabling you to master the sport fast, safely and enjoyably the same increase your chance of progressing to your dream level. The basics you get during instructional classes give you a foundation on which you can build up. So, challenge and motivate yourself continually. Once you master one skill, proceed to the next and enjoy the fun that comes with it.

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