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Water Sports The day starts early for Mauritians and tourists who desire to watch or swim with the dolphins in Mauritius. It's typically 5:30 when Laurent & his girlfriend Sandy gather at the pickup point. It's the west of Mauritius, but the scenery is perfect, with the lust of sun rising from the east, making the horizon look pink. If you fear sunburn, have sunscreen put on your face and exposed body parts. The seawater looked like a lake for this couple,

Going on a Mauritius deep sea fishing trip is an adventurous way for tourists to experience the coastline of the island. It also provides a unique activity that may not otherwise be available to visitors in their own country. Board a cabin cruiser and enter fishing paradise with one of the many big game fishing adventures in Mauritius. What Makes Big Game Fishing in Mauritius So Special? Like all around the world, Mauritius is no exception- the big game fishing tour start

Kite surfing, a wind-driven water sport that utilizes a board and kite to propel you on top of the water is one of the most exciting water sports in Mauritius. The island has many kite surfing schools due to its popularity for this activity. While Le Morne kite surfing is best for both beginners and expert surfers, Anse la Raie in the north and Palmar in the East are also very popular. To experience the excitement of kite surfing to the

Both Under Sea Walking and Scuba Diving involve safely breathing and spending time below the surface of the water. While the exact nature and objectives of each differ widely, the fact the former involves meticulous introduction into the water under the careful watch of a professional guide means it is easy to attempt. Consequently, anyone who finds it extremely difficult to take scuba diving lessons may find it a lot easier after walking severally under water. How? To best answer

Are there any restrictions for parasailing in Mauritius? While the minimum age is 5 years, if you are below 18 years of age, your parent or guardian must accompany you to sign your liability waiver before you can even board the craft or platform. An adult has to accompany anyone who is between 5-10 years in the flight. The time restriction for parasailing activities in Mauritius is from 9 am to 5 pm. The Mauritius Tourism Authority has put the