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Spinner Dolphins swimming in the Indian Ocean at Mauritius with Le Morne mountain in background, Africa

Swim with Dolphin Trip- Adventure, Fun and Relaxation

The day starts early for Mauritians and tourists who desire to watch or swim with the dolphins in Mauritius. It’s typically 5:30 when Laurent & his girlfriend Sandy gather at the pickup point. It’s the west of Mauritius, but the scenery is perfect, with the lust of sun rising from the east, making the horizon look pink. If you fear sunburn, have sunscreen put on your face and exposed body parts. The seawater looked like a lake for this couple, so it was a very calm sea.

Spinner Dolphins swimming in the Indian Ocean at Mauritius with Le Morne mountain in background, Africa

Spinner Dolphins swimming, Mauritius, Africa.

There are several ways to get to the spot where you can be around these fantastic creatures. You can hire a boat or get there by kayaking the sea. It all depends on how much skilled you are at sea. Laurent and Sandy being very experienced at sea, chose to go there on their kayak. There are many service providers for dolphin watching and swimming with dolphins in the region of Tamarin, particularly at Martello Tower. You can also take a speed boat trip from Flic en Flac and enjoy the thrill of speed. However, make sure that you have booked a trip before. Mauritius Discovery Tours is a perfect tour operator to book your dolphin trip in Mauritius. We make it a day of adventure, fun, and relaxation for you

If you are lucky enough, you can also see whales and experience life by getting very close to these huge creatures of the sea. Laurent and Sandy could see people touching their boats as they at times station themselves near boats. It was too risky for Laurent & Sandy because they were on their respective kayak, but the view was just marvelous. This whale encounter was like a cherry on the cake. However, there are certain seasons that you can get the chance to see these whales. The months of May to November are perfect for a whale encounter. If you are one of those lucky ones who come across a whale, you will never forget about Mauritius till your death!

Then comes the adventure part if you are one of those who want to dive with these wonderful creatures. For Laurent & Sandy, it was the case. They jumped from their kayak with a tuba, mask & snorkeling fins, and the world transformed for them. Here were hundreds of dolphins around them. They dived into the waters and enjoyed swimming with these dolphins. They are safe unless you provoke or scare them in any way. Be careful, though, if you are pregnant. These marine human friends love pregnant women, and they like to swim, play & socialize with them. So, nothing to get panicked about here when you see the dolphin interest in you. Probably, you don’t know it yet yourself, but you might be getting the good news sooner or later.

Underwater photo of tropical reef fish - Clownfish

Underwater photo of tropical reef fish – Clownfish

Having enjoyed the bliss of being with dolphins, you can head to the coral garden in the area of Tamarin Bay. Service providers always include snorkeling in the coral garden in their packages. Now, it is your chance to get into the water, even if you were a little bit skeptical about swimming with the dolphins. Swimming in the coral garden does not entail any risk, especially when you have experienced divers or boatmen around you. The corals are splendid in this region of Mauritius, and you can see a variety of coral fish. Just be a little bit careful, though. At times, the water is very shallow, and you can get scratches from corals, but this will not deter you from missing a lifetime chance of snorkeling in Mauritius waters.

After your activities in the sea, most service providers will bring you to Ile aux Benetiers island for a well-deserved lunch. The island is a beauty with fine sand and a beautiful lagoon where you can sunbathe. It is an escape place if you want to feel ownership of an island and you have lots of privacy to enjoy your day on this paradise piece of land. You are served a barbecue prepared on the island. The menu is varied from fish to lobsters with salads and drinks of your choice. You are called to cherish these moments throughout the remaining of your life.

The return time to the mainland of Mauritius is around 4 PM. You can now return to your hotel or home and get ready for your dinner. It’s an opportunity you need to put on your bucket list when visiting the paradise island of Mauritius.

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