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Luxury Villa With Palm Tree, Mauritius

How Can Real Estate Virtual Tours Help Explore Mauritius Properties Better?

Luxury Villa With Palm Tree, Mauritius

Luxury Villa With Palm Tree, Mauritius, The Indian Ocean

Mauritius is an island country that is stationed in the Indian Ocean. It is widely popular for its stunning beaches, lagoons, and reefs. Moreover, it has numerous things to explore, such as Black River Gorges National Park, Chamarel Colored Earth, etc.

Mauritius can be an ideal location if you plan to buy a real estate property overseas. Not only because it has a lot to offer but also because of the rising real estate market. In recent years, French and South Africans have invested a lot in Mauritius real estate. As a result, the resale value went up from $300,000 to 5 million dollars and will continue to grow. Thus, making Mauritius a hotspot for real estate investment.

As Mauritius attracts countless buyers year-round, agencies invest in state-of-the-art methods for selling properties. Apart from private shows, open houses and so on, companies are opting for virtual tours. One such real estate agent offering virtual tours online is Ad Valorem Properties. Their guided tours help you decide on buying properties in Mauritius.

Virtual tours were not that trendy earlier, but they have been more in demand in five years. As more people tend to buy property abroad, real estate virtual tours have become prevalent, and the reasons are apparent.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

A real estate virtual tour is a photorealistic tour of a residential or commercial real estate property. It is created by stitching together a series of photographs. Some photographers also take 360-degree photos of the property and then stitch them to create a virtual tour.

On top of using various images, other elements like sounds, narration, or interactive music can also be a part of a virtual tour.

How can Real Estate Virtual Tours Help in Exploring Mauritius Properties?

In Mauritius, you can choose from various properties such as villas, penthouses, apartments, or mansions. You can find these properties in Quatre Bornes, Grand Baie, Tamarin, and the island. If you prefer to take a tour of the properties, real estate virtual tours are the best. Here is how!

You get a Better Understanding of the Property.

When looking to buy a property, you may want to have as much information about it as possible. Real estate virtual tours provide you with all the details you need about the property, like the number of rooms, area, furnishing, etc. You can check every nook and corner of it and get an idea about the size, layout, and features. This way, you can arrive at a better decision about whether or not to purchase the property.

Provide Convenience

One of the best benefits of having a virtual tour is convenience. You may not visit the property if you are not at the location. Here virtual tours can be highly advantageous. Without visiting the property physically, you can see how many rooms it has, how the neighbourhood is, etc.

Virtual Tours Improve Research

The images on Google and real estate websites are great for a start. However, if you want to get a better view, virtual tours can help. A virtual tour can help you decide better and quickly as you can see the property right in front of your eyes. On top of that, you can seamlessly adjust the depth and width of the video or image to see well.

Saves Time

Virtual tours of real estate properties can save your time as you can visit the property right on your computer screen. Moreover, you can visit more properties with virtual tours in less time.

What do you need to get Real Estate Virtual Tours?

To get the best out of your virtual tour, you need to have the best gadgets like a laptop, PC, or phone. On top of that, a fast internet connection is indispensable. To make it more immersive, you can use VR headsets.

What Kind of Virtual Tours are Available in Mauritius?

If you plan for a virtual tour in Mauritius, there are many of them. Here are some of the prominent types of virtual tours! You can choose depending on your preference.

  • 2D video tours: These virtual tours consist of arranging 2D images in the form of a slideshow. They can be interactive or non-interactive.
  • 360-degree videos: The 360-degree video tours allow you to explore the property the same way as a 3D walking tour. However, you don’t get the choice to zoom in or out as per your will.
  • Free movement 3D walking tour: The Free movement 3D walking tour will allow you to explore the property at your speed. You’ll also have the liberty to switch rooms zoom in and out.
  • 360-degree pictures put together: Unlike a 360-degree video, 360-degree pictures are put together to create a virtual tour similar to Google Street View.

We can divide these virtual tours of real estate properties into two categories, namely.

  • Guided Virtual Tours: A tour guide usually runs these tours. The tour guide helps the users explore the property while entertaining their queries. You might have to pay for guided virtual tours.
  • Un-guided Virtual Tours: These virtual tours are generally free, but they do not have anyone on the other end for guidance. However, you can explore the property at your speed. There is no time limit, unlike in guided tours.


Real estate virtual tours are the best if you are up for buying a property in Mauritius. Just sit in the comfort of your sweet home and explore properties across Mauritius. If you have family members who cannot travel, this feature will be a great boon. Plus, you’ll save on travel costs and make a better decision in little time.

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