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Catamaran_Safety_Check By Officers

Safety measures for using a speedboat or catamaran cruise in Mauritius

There are several breathtaking boat cruising destinations you can navigate to while in Mauritius. Some of these fantastic sites are several small islands and sailing localities that surround the main Island. To have the best speedboat or catamaran tours experience, it is advisable to observe the following safety measures:

1. A comprehensive Boat Safety Check

Catamaran_Safety_Check By Officers

Ensure that the Tourism Authority inspects the boat before you begin your expedition. The boat safety inspection process ensures that the boat has all the safety gears and they are in good condition and functioning properly. The safety gears include life buoys, life jackets, first aid kits, and fire extinguisher. The boat or catamaran must be insured and licensed to be allowed to cruise on Mauritius waters.

2. Avoid consuming alcohol or any intoxicant before your trip

You require optimum stability while cruising. Alcohol leads to instability, and its effects are increased while cruising at high speed and being exposed to the wind and sun.

3. Engage a professional skipper

Before you become familiar with the local navigation routes, it is advisable to engage the services of a skipper who understands your expedition route. Ensure you hire certified skippers that are licensed and accredited by the Tourism Authority and the Mauritius Scuba Diving Association. For the best experience, ensure that some people that are on board should have the expertise of navigating the boat and understands all the safety procedures.

4. Make sure that the weather is favorable for speedboat cruising

Confirm with the locals if the weather is safe for cruising. You can also check on the local newspaper or weather forecast website if the clouds are clear. In case you sense a change in weather more so the darkening of clouds and lightening it will be safe to sail to the beach and plan for another day.

5. Have a pre-departure safety plan before leaving the catamaran or boat landing bay

All the crew must be informed on all the safety measures and how to handle an emergency while in water. The entire trip must be planned appropriately, and nothing should be left to chance or ignored by the crew.

6. Always be Alert

Cruising requires a high level of vigilance; the navigator must be aware of what is happening in the surrounding and make a quick judgment. The speed limits must not be exceeded in crowded areas or in regions that are accessed by other water vessels.

7. Register your trip with the relevant authority

Often this safety measure is ignored, but it should be part of the expedition plan. Provide relevant details of the crew members, boat, trip duration and destination to the local coastguards, tourism authority, security agency or your host hotel. Ensure that there is a person who is aware of your trip so that he or she can inform the emergency unit if there is a delay in return.

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