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Chamarel 7 coloured earth

What Makes Chamarel Attractive for visitors?

Chamarel, a small village located in Savanne in Mauritius, provides an overwhelming experience to visitors. It gives you a chance to visit
the many attractive spots in its neighborhood that includes picturesque waterfalls, vast sugarcane plantations, and tantalizing colored piles of earth. Chamarel waterfall measures a whopping 100 m high. Find time to visit a massive distillery, towards the South, for an unforgettable tourism experience as you marvel at how grand design merges harmoniously with the outstanding surrounding.

1. Chamarel 7-Colored Earth

Chamarel 7 coloured earth

The seven -colored layers of sand consist of distinct colors that include browns, reds, and purples. Visitors can’t help mesmerizing about
the phenomenon. The feature resulted from volcanic rocks that cooled down at various temperatures leading to the formation of dunes of different colors. The entire structure measures about 7500 square meters and creates a bare land at the heart of the vast, dense forest. Words cannot describe its beauty adequately; you have to be there to behold its splendor.

2. Chamarel Rhum or Rhumerie de Chamarel

Rhumerie de Chamarel, a local rum distillery, takes pride in being one of few plants which grow their sugarcane for the preparation of the drink. Factory operators take visitors to the distillery through the rum production process, from start to finish. Your visit isn’t complete until you are invited to savor the tasty rum of Charamel processed right before your eyes from fresh sugarcane juice. The drink is purely ecological meaning it is of top quality.

3. Chamarel waterfall

This waterfall lies on the southwest sections of Mauritius. The thundering waters fall a remarkable 300 feet (about 100 meters) right into
crystal clear pools, making it the island’s longest waterfall. Travelers to the spot admit the top of the waterfall a prettily scenic spot ideal for photo sessions. You have an easy time walking to the top, thanks to staircase-like steps along the route. As you walk your way up, you can stop, look around and take a shot of what Mark Twain described as Paradise.

4. Chamarel Curious Corner

Right opposite the Colored Earth feature is the Chamarel Curious Corner, a one-of-its-kind structure in Mauritius. Locals call it a house of illusions, mysteries and mind games. A lot more, nonetheless, go on inside it. Constructed with medical precision, Curious Corner delivers a fascinating experience for anyone with an intrigued mind.


Chamarel has everything for every tourist. From Chamarel Waterfall to a state-of-the-art distillery that uses the freshest sugar canes, rest assured your visit to this village in Mauritius is worth your every coin. Many previous visitors of the area have nothing but fond memories of structures like Curious Corner and Mirror Maze. So, find time to visit the Chamarel, and you will have a story to tell.

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