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Le Morne Brabant Mountain- a mixture of history and adventure

Le Morne Brabant is one of the most surreal places on earth. Located on the southwestern end of the heavenly Mauritius Island, the area
forms the ultimate geographical setting to go hiking situated a few minutes from the pristine beaches. So, what makes the place a favorite travel destination? From a picturesque lagoon that surrounds a better part of the mountain to tale-tell stories about its previous inhabitants, the majestic mountain perfectly blends history and adventure

Le Morne Brabant History

Le Morne Brabant mountain is now a UNESCO World Heritage spot due to its somewhat dark past. A legend about the mountain reveals that the peninsular area was a hub for many slaves, who after escaping from their unforgiving owners settled on the region. In 1835, following the abolition of slavery, some police officers were sent to let the refugees know that they are finally free. However, as the officers were heading to Le Morne Brabant, the sight of uniformed personnel, caused widespread panic and havoc. Overcome with fear, hundreds of refugees committed suicide by jumping off the monolith. February 1 is now as a public holiday in Mauritius.

Le Morne Brabant- Physical Beauty

A notable attraction on Le Morne Brabant is the peninsular formation; it features 556m high basaltic standing that shields the fantastic natural features from natural calamities. The rocky peninsular additionally has a summit that covers more than 12 hectares being approximately 556 m above sea level. A visit to the mountain, therefore, allows you to get deep into the heart of nature as you experience the extreme opposites of rich greenery as well as rough patches that earned it the Word Heritage title. The surrounding lagoon boasts of some of the deep caves spread along its steep inclines.

Le Morne Brabant Hike

Due to its past and also because of its present popularity, hiking Le Morne Brabant mountain is both exciting and full of emotions. It features a 3.5-kilometer long nature trail that will take you between 3 and 4 hours to complete and get back to the base. However, distance alone doesn’t make the hiking excursion thrilling. Well, the mountain is full of exotic trees and plants whose lush green vegetation throng the entire area effectively delivering unfathomable view. While some people opt to hire a certified guide to help them find their way around, if you consider yourself sufficiently adventurous finish the hike on your own; the trail goes all the way to the top of the mountain.

Underwater Waterfall View from a helicopter

Aerial_View_of_Le_Morne_Brabant_&_Under_Water_Waterfall in Mauritius

Yes, you read that right. As astonishing as it sounds, the underwater waterfall creates nothing short of phenomenal illusions of nature. Here is how it forms. Close to the coast of the island’s edge lies a massive lagoon that forms a mystical feature. A slit along the floor of the ocean helps you create the image of a submerged waterfall in your head essentially delivering a mystical sight. You can view this incredible natural creation from the shore, or you can have an aerial view from the top of Le Morne Brabant. Nevertheless, for a truly memorable sight, watch it from a helicopter.


Le Morne Brabant raises the magnificence of Mauritius a great deal. A walk along swaying palm trees, blue azure lagoons, and beautiful
sandy beaches are guaranteed to help you experience nature at its best. Connect with the Mountain’s impactful past that involves hundreds of slaves choosing to live under punitive conditions to escape tyranny. Explore the breathtaking valleys and summits on foot as you perplex at its scenic terrains and distinct plant and tree varieties.

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