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ile aux cerfs golf club

Why visiting Ile aux cerfs is a top thing to do while in Mauritius

Chick and wild best describe Ile Aux Cerfs. The privately owned island on the east coast of Mauritius features undulating terrain,natural vegetation, and protrusions of volcanic rocks. Little lakes, superbly while sandy beaches and gullies make the deer island a favorite of many. The over four kilometers of sandy bliss makes hiking down the beach an idyllic ocean vista that you find nowhere else in Mauritius. Make your trip even memorable by accessing the site using speed boat or Catamaran. Why?

Similarities between Speedboats and Catamaran

Using Catamaran and speed boats to Ile Aux Cerfs give you a whole day of fun and excitement. They are clean, comfortable and fast meaning
you are sure to get your dream experience. However, while both feature all the elements necessary for an unforgettable cruising experience they differ as follows. Don’t forget about safety measures though when using these vessels.

Difference between Speedboats and Catamaran

Speedboats tend to move at a higher speed compared to Catamaran. So, if speed and the thrill that comes with it appeals to you, speedboats will enthrall you. Sailing at top speed over the crystal clear water on the east coast lagoon delivers a fulfilling sensation. Catamaran, on the other hand, is somewhat slow. It, therefore, allows you to enjoy marvelous panoramic views of the surrounding ideal for calm, romantic and hence provide an intimate session. Additionally, the nature of the vessel, as well as its speed, makes it easy to discover Mauritius immersive culture and magnificent natural beauty,

Reasons why Ile Aux Cerfs need to be your ultimate trip destination

1. GRSE waterfall

GRSE (Grand River South East) waterfall is rugged and hence has water rapidly pouring over black basalt. Make sure you spend enough time on the waterfall to take enough pictures. This epitome of magnificence is surrounded by verdant jungles, explaining why on a good day a striking waterfall is visible through the fall. If you are a fan of hiking the scenery presents an irresistible setting. Some sections near the waterfall provide challenging terrain effectively adding to the adventure.

2. Golf Academy


ile aux cerfs golf club

If you have ever desired to learn golf or enhance your skills, Ile Aux Cerfs presents a perfect opportunity. The Academy is designed to provide an excellent golf learning experience irrespective of your skill level. Golf happens to be enjoyable and fulfilling to play, but learning and mastering the skills of golf (without professional guidance) presents quite a challenge. Ile aux Cerfs practice facility and Golf Academy provides the best amenities and the latest technology to accelerate your learning.

3. Ile Aux Cerfs Watersports

The island presents a perfect setting for various watersports thanks to the presence of turquoise coral-reefed lagoons. This water feature lends itself to a broad range of water activities that suit individuals of all ages. Examples of Ile Aux Cerfs water sports include parasailing, water skiing, speed boat riding, banana rides, tube riding and wake boarding. Involve your loved ones when selecting the activities, and everyone will enjoy the trip to the island to the fullest.

4. Bubble Lodge

Ile aux Cerfs bubble lodge is a new accommodation, so make sure to book this one. It provide a unique, romantic, exclusive and out-of-this-world experience. The rooms are not only very cozy but also amazingly spacious. They even feature a lounge section where you can relax and unwind after a tiring day touring the island. The bedrooms are comfortable while the washroom boasts of an open sky shower all of which are expertly designed to provide a treat of a lifetime.


Ile Aux Cerfs appeals to both locals and foreign tourists alike. The experience of boarding a speed boat or catamaran and crossing the extremely azure waters to the flourishing emerald isle is out of this world. The Island’s fantastic beaches provide the ultimate setting for a wide range of water sports. The verdant tropical landscape, on the other hand, lends itself to relaxing walks. Worry not about your accommodation requirements during your stay on the island; Bubble Lodges expertly caters for all your needs. So, plan to visit the island on your next visit to Mauritius.

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