Interesting Things to Do on a Tour of Mauritius

A Brief On Mauritius Tours

Mauritius is an island located in the Indian Ocean, and it lies off the southeast coast of Africa. It sits on 720 square miles of land that is full of beautiful lagoons. It also has 330 km of pristine coastline dotted with beautiful palm-filled beaches. Coral reefs surround most of the coast. These features have earned Mauritius a reputation as one of the world’s best holiday destinations. Consequently, this country offers you a wide range of sightseeing, ecological, nature, historical, religious and adventurous tours.

Mauritius is an ideal place for such tours because it has a high population that lives in relative harmony and peace. In other words, ethnic and religious groups coexist in a spirit of unity driven by common objectives. One of these objectives is the preservation of their cultural heritage. That means you will experience the rich culture of this great nation because the people who live in it cherish it. These kinds of positive attitudes are an additional reason why tourists like visiting Mauritius.

Mauritius Tour Packages

From mountainous scenery to beautiful coastal beaches, there are many feasts for your eyes. Dozens of tour companies facilitate visitors and make their visit amazing and hassle-free. In here we have lined up some tours that will give you a full day of relaxation as you explore the mountains, beaches, architecture, cuisine and much more.

Sightseeing tours

The sightseeing tours allow you to enjoy several tourist attractions and is the ultimate choice if you are an adventure lover. You get to see the icons of Mauritius and perfect spots the country has to offer. These involve visits to the picturesque landscape, scenery, wildlife, and a feel of the local culture.

Sightseeing from the air

The air tours offer an aerial view of the beautiful Mauritius scenery. There are private seaplanes and helicopters for hire to allow you to discover the remarkable elegance of Mauritius. The look of the underwater waterfall is a must-see during an air tour.

Chamarel 7 colored earth

This visit is part of the discovery tour and involves an exploration tour of the Ebony Forest. Here you discover native fauna and flora on the island. A trip to the famous Chamarel Waterfall is a memorable one since you will have the opportunity to watch the spectacle of water gushing down approximately 100 meters. The visit to the geological wonder of seven colored earth is part of this tour. You may opt to lunch at Rhumerie de Chamarel restaurant or Varangue sur Morne. After lunch, you will have a sightseeing tour at the rum-making system, and finally, your adventure will end at the curious corner of Chamarel.

Ecological tours

The ecological tour allows you to experience a blend of cultural and cherished adventure.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

The Mauritius North and shopping tours are a one day retreat that will take you to famous shopping centres. There is a visit to the Pamplemousses botanical garden where there are dozens of tropical plants.

Ile aux Aigrettes tour

This adventure is part of the South East visit. In the line-up is a short speed boat adventure from Blue bay to Ile aux Aigrettes which is a secluded island with unique animals and plants.

Casela Nature Park

The Casela Nature Park tour is are part of the Southwest tour where you will have a view of over 150 species of birds.

Historic tours

This tour takes you through some of the historic sites in Mauritius that have a deep heritage. It is a full day of fun and adventure.

Eureka House

As part of the South East tour, this involves a thrilling adventure at the Eureka mansion, a walk in the English gardens and a delicious meal at the mansion’s restaurant. The Eureka house is a historic dwelling built in the 19th century around 1830. It is located by the riverbanks of the famous Moka River and is a magnificent residence. The Eureka House or Maison Creole, as we call it locally, is more than a museum since there are nostalgic riverbanks and waterfalls surrounding it.

Chateau de Labourdonnais

A breath-taking tour of Chateau de Labourdonnais is part of the historic visit tour. It is a fusion of architecture, orchards, expertise, cuisine, and flora. This splendour is in the heart of beautiful farms where you will find exotic and historical plants. As part of this adventure, you will get to enjoy a tour of the Chateau, gardens, orchards, Rhumerie des Mascareignes, and tasting bar.

Port Louis Supermarket

This North tour also involves a visit to Port Louis, which is the capital city. Its busy island with lots of economic activities and you can buy stuff at the Port Louis supermarket.

Sugar museum

A visit to the sugar museum is a heritage tour that allows you to learn more about the history of sugar in Mauritius. It is a momentous site with a rich history.

Adventure tours

An adventure tour to Mauritius is a memorable one as you will have an opportunity to discover historic and breath-taking scenery.

Hiking le Morne Brabant

At the sublime point, you can have view and hiking tours of the legendary le Morne Brabant and neighboring bays.

Quad biking

Quad biking is one of the items in the bucket list for an adventure lover at this spectacular island of Mauritius. This tour allows you to ride through mountains, riverbanks, hills and discover the beauty of the island.

Sky diving

The island is beautiful scenery and an ideal place for adventure tours such as sky diving.

Casela World of Adventures

The Casela World of Adventures comprises three kingdoms that guarantees you many adventures like quad biking, walking with lions, Segway safari, zip line, canyoning, mountain climbing, interaction with animals like giraffe, rhinos and turtles, fishing in the pond, restaurant facilities, children park and more.

On-water adventure tours

The journey starts from the west coast where you can enjoy watching whales and dolphins in their natural habitat while riding in a speed boat or catamaran. Get into your snorkeling attire to swim with wild will need a camera to capture all the memorable events you have experienced.

Religious tours

Mauritius, as an ancient country, is filled with lots of sacred places. The spiritual journey takes you to some of Mauritius holy sites. You get a chance to absorb the history and learn about their significance.

A visit to the Grand Bassin

The Grand Bassin is a holy lake for deep meditation and is full of peace and calmness. It is a cherished place, and during your trip, you will enjoy seeing the scenery and the holy shrines.

A visit to the Red Church

A visit to the small town of Cap Malheureux is a moving experience, where you will find a historic church known as the Red Church. There are many visitors mainly drawn from the Roman Catholic faithful.

Romantic stay

Mauritius Southwest tour is a full-day tour that allows you to explore various attractions. You will also have the chance to visit the Bois Cheri, which is a large tea factory built-in 1892. Here you can have a stroll at the lush plantations and taste of their delicious tea. After the tour, you can choose to have a romantic stay at Bois Cheri bubble lodge.

These tours will help you enjoy a memorable exploration as you view Mauritius’s breath-taking scenery. Even though it is possible for you to explore the island on your own, it is wise to procure the services of a reputable tour company. Doing so will help you explore every significant part of the island without much hassle. Furthermore, a professional tour operator offers you with specialized tour packages that reflect your financial circumstances. In other words, you will find a package that suits your budget. It is time for you to explore every inch of Mauritius. You can do it alone, or you can explore it with your loved ones. Book a tour in Mauritius today!

The beautiful island of Mauritius offers an enriching hiking experience and have many nature trekking trails. If you are very adventurous, you may choose the the Tamarind Falls trekking or the zip-line hiking trip. Otherwise, Le Morne Brabant is among the best hikes in Mauritius which is full of history, emotions and gorgeous landscapes.


The catamaran cruises offer an exceptional opportunity to view the attractions of Mauritius. If you choose to do the catamaran tours & trips, you can swim and watch dolphins, enjoy the sunset from a vessel deep into the ocean and even go for a private experience.


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